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Internet With the new Name (see next article) we move to our new web page. This page will no longer be updated.

  Herbert, 4. Dez, 2007

PCE is now Kephra

Kephra Finally, my remaining friends can take a breath, I have decided: The editor will be named Kephra (new sf.net-project)

The old one can't be used due two reasons. PCE were the initials of the Proton Code Editor, the project that gave me the initial impulse. Furthermore there already exists the commercial Perl Code Editor. His author ("The Software Group") got PCE as a Trademark.

Thatswhy I searched for a long time and in depth for a nice name I would like to spell out, not too long, but with a meaning that describes my effort. Several candidates like Ferda, Merkaba, Napad passed during that search. I looked for a new word kombination or creation, but I think Kephra is seldom enough in this world.

Kephra is a word from the egyptian mythology that stands for a god (neter), that gives birth to the conscious life through concentration of all energies. He is symbolized as a scarab with wings, that holds the solar disc of Ra. He bears the living soul through the night af fear and intentions of self destruction, up to the morning, when the new born soul rises as horus from the horizon to his self destined path.

Following this picture, it is the goal of this editor to conduct and support the creation of software to the point it can run and fulfill its purpose. Also the aspect concentration of energies will be realized with Kephra, since we have a lot of great tools like PPI, PerlTidy, Text::Format, and so on in the CPAN, that just need to be bundled to get a great IDE.

  Herbert, 3. Dec, 2007

Testversion 0.3.5: some few news

Downloads The internal cleanups are finished for now and the searchbar works again fully and there are some real news in the editor that still looks for his name: 2 new submenus in the file menu. One for inserting user defined templates (edit them under config > templates) and one to open recently closed files (MRUD). Also the title bar can now be customized under the global config key app > window > title. (More infos on that in the default.conf file.) The blinkin of the toolbars can be turned off under app > toolbar > all and the error prone "auto brace join" is gone completely. Also does the exit dialog now list the unnamed documents correctly.

If you didn't noticed, you can also open above the tabbar an context menu, which list now only all the current opened documents with their full path. The 3 functions that used to be there gone to their place in the main menu, under Document > Change. If you like all this jus load the new test version

  Herbert, 21. November, 2007

Developer's Favorite

Status As development speeds up, many dirty corners are cleaned out, bugs fixed and there are some new features that will bring the upcoming testing release 0.3.5 and the also not so for away stable realse after this 0.4.

The major 2 new things are submenus in the file menu. The first will open a new file with a template you defined. You can define as much templates as you like in a file that can easily opened with the menu entry config > templates. But you can have several template file and set your current template file with the global config key: file > template > file. With the upcoming config dialog will this also be eased.

The second menu list you recently closed files. The global config key: file > history > length defines how long this menu will be.

The real story behinf the first feature is, that it came, like other things here too, through a long time user's request. To see some bugs for it maybe also would be nice but that is a real advantage if you use software from small project like this. 2 days after requested the feature was implemented and able to download from the nigthly archive.

  Herbert, 13. November, 2007

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